Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Operation Christmas Pudding !

I've made my Christmas cake a couple of weeks ago.  I like that it matures that little longer while i feed it booze every couple of days !
I've left my pudding a bit late this year.  However i'm on it!

(Recipes for both my Christmas cake and Christmas pudding are posted previously here )

So, the other night i combined my ingredients for the pudding and let it sit overnight.

Fruit and flour mix       Important ingredient!   Ready to rest overnight

Today, i am steaming them.  I have made one for a 2pt pudding bowl (which my recipe caters for) and i used up the leftover Guinness and made a smaller pudding.
It will take 6 hours but as we have a range, so it's great that the electricity is not on for 6 hours and i can leave them sit steaming away and not be too worried about them.  Win win !

Here's a picture step by step for preparing for steaming:


Again, preparing the pots is crucial.
(all details in the previous Christmas baking posts.)

I love the smell around the house.  I had a sneaky taste of the mix and it's fab!
Now, just to pass 6 hours........

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