Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Simple Pasta Bolognese

There are many versions and ways to create delicious bolognese.  Depending on how much time i got or what my energy levels are!  Here is a very simple and quick version for when you are caught for time.........but still tasty tasty!

  • Brown some beef mince off in a skillet with some seasoning. Drain the mince through a colander and return to the skillet.
  • Off the heat add in plenty of fresh garlic; dried oregano; fresh basil; sea salt and black pepper.  Along with 2tblsp tomato puree. Back on the heat, turned now to medium, mix to combine.  
  • Add a tin of chopped tomatoes or a carton of passata.  Pour some water into the empty tin or carton to use up every last bit of that yummy tomato juice and pour into skillet.  
  • Next i add in whatever veggies you fancy (you can saute these separately if you prefer but as this is a quick easy version, i feel there's no need).  Here I've added chopped peppers; onions; courgette and mushroom.  Add a little more water if you feel the need. 
  • I like to simmer for about half an hour - 40mins checking if more water needed.
  • Serve with pasta of choice, grated Parmesan, black pepper and some fresh parsley.

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