Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Caramel biscuit bars

So these 'no bake' bars are so so easy to make, they make perfect sweet snacks and will certainly make the perfect Xmas gift for any child (or adult alike)!

They are a quick and easy recipe wit only 3 ingredients! The best things are they take no baking; you can add whatever goodie toppings you fancy and most importantly, they are oh so yummy
You can make different types just by adding different biscuits or chocolate
e.g oreo biscuits with milk choc with a crumble of oreos on top
    white chocolate with melted milk choc and broken fudge on top 
   milk choc with melted dark choc and nuts & cranberries on top

They can be made well in advance.  A neat little package will make a great homemade gift for anyone, so you can make them and have them ready to hand out when visitors come over the festive period

So heres how to make them:
-In a saucepan melt 400g chocolate (milk, white, dark or a mix - i usd milk choc here) and a 400g tin conedensed milk over a low heating, stirring until chocolate has melted
-Blitz up 450g biscuits until fine crumbs (digestives or whatever you have in the cupboard - you could add oreos too to add that darkness or cookie style - i used a mix of digestives and shortbread).
-Off the heat, add your biscuit mix to your melted choc mix, mixing good and well and thouroughly until well combined.  Work fast as it will start to set fast. 
Topple it into a lined tin of choice and with a spoon push it out into edges. Smooth the top and place in the fridge.
-Next, melt a little chocolate (again, of your choice - i used dark choc here) and pour it over your biscuit base, smoothing it out to the edges.  Before it sets add your toppings and press down lighlty to make sure they set into the choc.
Here i am using a mixture of chopped fudge, crushed candy canes, chopped marsmallows and chocolate chips for different biscuits.  Again add any goodies you like.
-Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and then cut into shapes you like - squares, rectangles, cubes or just in rough chops! 

How simple could it be?

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