Friday, 15 May 2015



Who says Lasagna has to be made with mince!
I have made a Friday night dinner for 2.......

The plan in my head earlier was a vegetable lasagna. 
However, i decided to add some yummy cajun pudding from the fab "De Mad Food Company".
They have a wide range of flavours.  I pick up a couple most weeks.  We use them in breakfasts; lunches; dinners; snacks.....! 
So, i spot the cajun pudding sitting so lonely on my fridge shelf...... vegetable lasagna has now turned into a tasty vibrant Cajun Lasagna!

The pudding meat with melt into a wonderful kick of cajun flavour as it cooks.

I have added a video on Facebook also.  It's my first attempt at this! 
I took 3 seperate videos on time lapse and then used an app to merge the 3 together. 
The first video is making the tomato sauce mix.  I went a bit fast so please forgive me!
I got the hang of it on the last one!

So, here's how i made it:

In a skillet, heat about 2 TBSP BUTTER with OLIVE OIL over a medium heat.
(the butter for flavour and the oil to stop it burning)
Add chopped ONION and GARLIC.  Soften for about 5 minutes.
To this add chopped CARROTS and then chopped PEPPER (i used yellow).

Season with SALT; PEPPER; BASIL ( i would normally use fresh basil - it makes such a difference and the colour is amazing, however i was out, so i had to use dried) and mix well.

Add in chopped CAJUN PUDDING (see above) and cook for a minute or 2, making sure to stir so as not to stick to bottom of pot. 

Next, mix in about 3TBSP TOMATO PUREE well to combine.  Then a tin of CHOPPED TOMATOES.  And then about 3TBSP VEGETABLE BOUILLON (it's powder form). 
Stir well and then add a little boiling water. 

Turn the heat to a medium/low and top up as you go with a little boiling water at a time.
Your sauce should be a thickish (not runny) sauce so make sure you add this water every so often, making sure to stir, so as not to burn.
Simmer for about 15minutes.

TASTE TEST!  Make sure you always taste test your food for seasoning.

While your tomato base mix is simmering, make your
In a saucepan, melt about 1 TBSP BUTTER over a medium/low heat.
With a whisk ready, spoon in 2 TBSP CORNFLOUR bit by bit, whisking well to combine.
It should come together into a "ball".
Add MILK bit by bit and whisk well.  You will see it thickening so make sure to keep stirring, adding the milk bit by bit until you get a nice thickish consistency. 
Keep an eye on it and whisk in more milk if need.
Turn the heat to a low.
It will take about 15 minutes in total.
Add a shake of white pepper and mix to season.

ASSEMBLE the lasagna:
Start by adding a spoon of base mix into the bottom of oven dish, sprinkle with grated cheese.
Next is the lasagna sheets.
(check the pasta sheet package when purchasing as some require pre-cooking.  I tend to buy the ones that do not need it and that can be added straight in)
Do not overlap but make sure to cover every inch.
Then spoon some bechamel sauce, making sure to cover all the pasta sheets.
REMEMBER: Your lasagna does not need to be all sauce with little pasta.  In fact, i prefer to have as much layers of pasta sheets as possible.  So don't worry if you don't have too much base mix or bechamel in between.  It doesn't matter.

Repeat the process, ending with the tomato base mix on top.
To finish, top with some grated cheese; slices of tomato; a grind of black pepper and 2 or 3 knobs of butter.

Pop your dish on a tray and bake in a preheated 190degree oven for about half an hour.
Check your pasta sheets are cooked by slicing a knife through.
If you find the lasagna is burning on top, cover with tin foil.

Enjoy your yummy, tasty Lasagna dish with a fresh crisp side salad of greens with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

I hope you enjoy xx

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