Monday, 5 October 2015

Prep for your Xmas cake


(Secretly buzzing!) Dont' worry, i'm not going to frighten you........It's just that time of the year where we think about getting our INGREDIENTS together for our Xmas cake.
Your Cake needs to made weeks in advance and moistened every day with delicious grog to have that beautifully moist result at Xmas time.
I will not hide it..........i am so excited.
I would have Xmas all year round if it was up to me!
But i will make a deal with you........Make this one crucial step with me now and i will not mention the big "C" word until at least after Halloween !!

So, what i have done this morning is taken out my Christmas Cooking folder.  I will always start with my Xmas Cake and prepping this.  So I will steep the mixed fruit overnight before making the cake and then the cake will be wrapped up and moistened daily with grog for a few weeks.
We have 11 (and a bit) weeks to Xmas!
So really, if you don't prepare and prepare in advance, you will regret it.    

I mentioned last year, that first bulk buy of everything will make you think "Is it bloody worth this"! But look at it now........we don't have to buy a whole lot of stuff this time round.
Your mixed spice and other bits should be sitting patiently in your cupboard.
All i have to buy is my Brown sugar; mixed peel and another few bags of mixed fruit.

I will start it hopefully this week, next week the latest.  It really is worth it when you have a beautifully moist cake come Xmas time and everybody is raving about it, wondering how you got it so moist!
So, see you back in soon to see how we make it.......
Chao for now!

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