Saturday, 31 January 2015

Vanilla cheescake

Looking for a sunday dessert?  Here's how to make my CHEESECAKE.

1. Crush 400g digestive biscuits.  Pour 125g melted butter over them and mix well to combine.  Topple into a prepared greased and base lined (this is when those pre-cut round and square base liners that i blogged about before come in handy) spring form tin and press out to the edges, evening out the top to form a smooth biscuit base.  Place in fridge to set and chill.
2. Meanwhile, in your mixer place 600g room temp cream cheese and whip lightly.  Add in 3&1/2 oz icing sugar and a drop of vanilla extract and mix for a minute or two.  To this add 300ml whipped cream and fold in.
3. To this i added in some crushed up maltesers and stir in.  You could add in anything you fancy.  You could try flake chocolate maybe or broken pieces of different chocolate bars.
4. Empty the mix onto the chilled biscuit base using a spatula to get every bit from the bowl.  Even out the mix and top with some grated chocolate and whole maltesers to decorate.  Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  Best to refridgerate it overnight

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