Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Stock up your Rack !!

So it's January......a new year......a new Start - Happy New Year Easy Peasers!

The key to creating wholesome, delicious meals is what flavours you add to them.
You can turn out really delicious low calorie or even fat free dinners and lunches simply with adding simple herbs or spices. Also brilliant for when you're stuck with a pre-grocery-shop lunch or dinner - Sassy up a simple pasta and passata!
Get motivated with cooking by stocking up your spice and herb racks.  I find it crucial to have well stocked up spices in order to turn out a yummy home cooked meal.  They can change the most boring or uninteresting foods into tasty, attractive dishes.  They can totally transform foods!

Here are my spice / herb racks and jars.  Once you stock up, you will find you will only need to re stock every so often.  They can be got for as little as 50c - i get most of mine in Aldi.  
Popping into to local markets or Asian shops can help too to source the best choice of spices and herbs too. 

And what's more, alot of spices have amazing health benefits when used regularly like.  
Here's just a few examples - you can find lots more online:
- Turmeric - has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant
- Fresh Ginger - strengthens immune system, reduces inflammation and boosts bone health 
- Cinnamon - curbs sugar cravings, an antioxidant; anti inflammatory and boosts immune system
- Cayenne pepper - supports detox, stimulates circulation and eliminates acidity.
- Cumin - rich in antioxidants, calcium, iron and magnesium, reduces blood sugar
(ref: from searches on google)

(Again, you should discuss with a qualified nutritionist, dietitian, doctor or herbal specialist regarding any health and dietary requirements in your diet.)

Here's just a few ideas of how to spice up your foods: 
  • Add a VEGETABLE STOCK cube to a pot of water when boiling rice; 
  • Use CAYENNE PEPPER with boiling water, ginger and honey to banish head colds; 
  • Add a kick to omelettes with some CHILLI POWDER;
  • Sprinkle FRESH ROSEMARY over chopped potatoes and veggies when roasting;
  • Add PAPRIKA to tomato puree and mayonnaise with GARLIC for a taco style sauce;
  • Sprinkle CHILLI FLAKES onto a pizza or into Tomato passata when cooking pasta
And finally, be brave! Be adventurous! Try new things!

So, kick start your food diet to a healthier tastier New Year.

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