Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A trip to Ballymaloe !

Trip to Ballymaloe !
I recently went to Ballymaloe with a friend and did an afternoon "brunch" course with Darina Allen and a morning "blog" course, with the very talented Lucy Pearse.  It's quite something.
Everybody is very welcoming and friendly.  Darina Allen was our presenter on the Friday afternoon for our brunch course.
 I was finding it difficult to come up with snack ideas at home.  Breakfasts and dinners weren't an issue, but lunch/snacks proved difficult for me.   I found it was always a sandwich, panini, toastie etc i'd come up with.  Yeast yeast and more yeast !!!

So, this brunch course was brilliant.  I got so much out of it.  And we got to taste a bit of everything cooked!  I have tried and tested many of the recipes.  Darina was very friendly and helpful and very informative with ideas and tips also.


The cookery school and grounds are amazing.  They have a beautiful little shop on the entrance where they sell all their own produce including their own Jersey cows milk and free range eggs.  You will also find fantastic pestos and sauces.  Rachel Allen's range of products are on offer too, along with a large variety of cook books for sale.  
The grounds are amazing too.  They have veggie gardens, hens and chickens, cows and lovely walks and courtyards.  It really is something special there.  

We stayed overnight in the beautiful Ballymaloe House a couple of miles up the road.  It's an "out of this world" experience, i have to say.  
Again, that evening, Darina appeared and greeted every single dining guest in the dining rooms.  Without being intrusive, she greeted us all and chatted for a bit, which was very special.
Dinner is quite an experience, with a buffet starter, top quality service and exquisite surroundings. 
The following morning, after breakfast, we returned to the school for the blog course.

I will always remember my visit to Ballymaloe........the friendly welcome, the natural surroundings, the great tips and pictures i got and the content of my courses.  Definitely worth a visit guys, a very special experience.  I hope to return some day for more courses !!

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