Saturday, 5 July 2014


As eggs were on the menu this morning (!) here’s some info about them.

We have our own hens so we have lovely free range eggs every morning !
Eggs are a great source of protein and are so versatile in both savoury and sweet dishes. 
Here’s a picture to show the different type egg:

For those who are not sure how long to cook an egg for…’s a great guide !
It’s amazing how quick it can change from one texture to another !

Eggs can be:
  • Hard boiled – cooled, mashed in butter/mayo for sambos
                         I like to add chopped scallions/spring onions
                         and chopped tomatoes
                      -  In a cup for the kiddies
                      -  Cooled, sliced for salads
  • Soft boiled    -  in a cup, dunked with bread/toast soldiers!
  • Simply fried !
  • Oven baked – in a oven proof dish (as previous post this morning)
  • Poached      -  Placed over a toasted bagel, topped with some bacon or streaky rashers                      (my favourite way!!
                          - Or placed on a dry piece of toast for healthy option
  • Omelettes/pancakes/frittatas/quiches/scrambled
  • Baking cakes/buns/dessert
  • Sauce thickener
  • Coating for batters

I used white of eggs today to make a Pavalova (recipe & pic to follow) 

Do you have any tips or ideas for baking/cooking with eggs ?


  1. I put a dash of vinegar in the water when i am poaching eggs it keeps the egg nice and white and keeps them from breaking up.