Monday, 14 July 2014

No meat? No problem!

No meat?  No problem!

So, you may find sometimes that you’re meat that you’ve stocked up in the freezer has run out.  I tend to have myself stocked up most of the time but sometimes I run out without checking and have to stock up again. 
Sometimes, it may be just that you don’t feel like meat for dinner.
Not to worry though, if you find yourself in that predicament, here are a few veggie ideas for dinner with ingredients that you may have lying around the cupboard and fridge.

  1. Bung some frozen fish and chopped veg in an oven dish, a good dollop of olive oil, a good sprinkling of salt and pepper and oven cook at 200 degrees for approx 30 minutes.

  2. Tortellini peso & tomato.
    • Cook tortellini pasta as per packet (usually just a few minute boil)
    • Cook some chopped garlic in oil for a minute
    • Add chopped tomato and cooked tortellini
    • Add couple spoonfuls of pesto (I usually pick up a jar of this and have it in the fridge-great on virtually anything!!)
    • Season to your taste and serve!

    3. Stir fry.
·        Stir fry in a little oil (I use peanut oil or coconut oil for stir fry’s), chopped and sliced vegetables
·        Steam mange tout and prawns first for about 3 minutes before adding to wok
·        Season with salt and pepper and a splash of fresh lime
·        Add noodles from the packet and cook for a minute to heat through
·        Add a good glug of soy sauce
·        That’s it…..serve!

Sir fry’s are great, quick and simple.  You can add anything you fancy.  They are so versatile.   Vegetables I like to use are:
Carrots/broccoli/courgettes/mange tout/peppers/tomatoes/spring onions/spinach.
You can also add prawns to it. 
And fresh lemons and limes are great too. 
Play around with it… can add so many ingredients and flavours to it.

4.    Veggie bake.
·        In a skillet/pot, sauté in a little olive oil, carrot strips and garlic over medium heat for about 4 minutes.
·        Mix a tblsp of tomato paste and stir
·        Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and stir.
·        To this then add: Tin of chickpeas, green beans, sliced aubergines, sprinkle of oregano and cumin
·        Transfer to oven dish and season with a little sprinkle of salt and pepper and grating of cheese
·        Bake in oven, just to bake the veg through.
·        Et voila!  I served mine with some cold salad sides….coleslaw, brown rice and lettuce/tomato mix.

5.  Pizza night!
Weekends are great for treat night and we love pizza! 
I previously posted about ready to roll pizza dough.  So, this is a great fridge store to have because you can add any left over veg and other yummy ingredients you may have lurking around the place!
Serve with homemade chunky chips, some yummy green salad and tasty dips!

6. Veggie lasagna.
(See previous post on meat lasagna-replace the meat for veggies of choice.  I tend to use diced carrots, cubed courgettes, cubed aubergines, sliced onions)
This is another favourite in our house and you most certainly would find this dish stocked up in our freezer!
Pasta and lasagna sheets are definitely a store ingredient I will almost certainly have stocked up in the press.

So, they are just a few of my favourite non-meat dishes!  You really can come up with some tasty dishes with cupboard store and fridge ingredients.  

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