Monday, 21 July 2014

My little Italian Bruschetta

Brie Bruschetta:

Here’s a scrumptious idea for a lunch or tea time snack.  It’s got yummy juicy Italian flavours…… I love it!

  • Take some yummy soda bread and cut a big thick slice
  • Butter both sides and lightly toast both sides under the grill
  • Then place some prosciutto or whatever ham you like over one side and place back under grill for a minute
  • Then top with some nice thick slices of brie cheese
  • Toast this until the brie is starting to melt
  • To this you then add big dollops of pesto and slices of juicy tomatoes
  • Place under grill for one last toast
  • Serve with sprinklings of chopped basil, some black pepper and a cheeky drizzle of olive oil!

Now, enjoy this mouth watering Italian style snack with its juicy flavours.

Delizioso !

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