Saturday, 12 July 2014

Breakfast/brunch ideas

Breakfast / Brunch ideas?  Here’s a few of our favourites……


Porridge - a favourite in our house. Full of goodness, high in 
fibre, protein and iron. 

SmoothiesGreat refreshing way to start the day or good at 
any time!
Once you have a blender, you can add any fruits you
fancy, with some freshly squeezed juices.
I keep a box of frozen berries in freezer, perfect for
this and it can act as ice in it also!

Toasted sesame Bagels, poached eggs and rashers (i personally prefer crispy streaky rashers on mine!!)

Warm pancakes, natural yogurt, red berries, healthy seeds and honey.....needs no more explanation ! mmm

Egg pots - as previous recipe, add salami to the base and sprinkle with parsley, served with homemade bread.

                                                            Child friendly fruit platters :-) 

Homemade pancakes - another great thing you can serve anything with. Here i have a platter including:
- fresh berries and fruit
- chopped walnuts
- honey
- lemon and sugar
- chocolate spread

What's good in your home ?

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