Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Baked potato with creamy ham

Fancy an easy yummy lunch today?  Then try this creamy ham topping for a baked potato.  (The only thing about this is to make sure you pop the potato into bake for up to 60 minutes.)

Baked potato with creamy ham:
1.      Prepare your potatoes by washing them and piercing them several times with a fork.   Rub them with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
2.      Pop the potatoes straight into a pre heated 220° oven, on the middle shelf.  (Baking them directly on the shelf helps the heat to bake through them).   If you like you could put a metal skewer through them as the skewer with heat up through the potato helping it to cook through easier.  
3.      Cook for up to 60 minutes until the skin is crispy and potatoes are cooked through.
4.      To make the topping, start by softening sliced red onion on a medium heat.
5.      To this add some crushed garlic, wedges of tomato and ham bits (see a previous post on ham packs I did)
6.      Cook for about 3 minutes until the ham bits are coloured, then add a splash of white wine.
7.      Cook the wine down and once it’s reduced add in few spoonfuls of crème fraiche (or if you’re really bold add cream….it is more luxurious!).
8.      Season again with salt and pepper and cook for few minutes until the mix turns a dark creamy/brown colour.

9.      Serve this creamy delicious mix over the opened baked potatoes.

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