Tuesday, 19 August 2014


These are an easy yummy idea for lunch or dinner or even just an evening party snack. 
There are so many variations you can try with different flavours.
Start by preparing all your chicken drumsticks.  Remove the skins, rinse and pat dry.  
Here I used different coatings:

1.      Asian:
·        Mix together in a bowl:      
-6tbsp hoisin sauce
-2tbsp peanut oil
-4tbsp runny honey
-sprinkle of chilli flakes
-2tbsp soy sauce
-2tbsp grain mustard
·        Cover over the chicken and bake 220°C for 25 mins. 

2.      Sweet chilli sauce:
·        Just coat the chicken with the sauce and bake in 220°C for 25mins.

3.      Cajun:
·        In a bag place:
-salt & pepper
-Cajun spice
-garlic powder
·        Coat the chicken with mayonnaise
·        Then with breadcrumbs
·        Bake in 175°C for 45 minutes 

4.      Southern fried:
·        Prepare 2 bowls – 1 with beaten eggs and the other with flour seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper, yellow and red aromat shake, cajun spices and any other spices you like.
·        Coat your prepared chicken in the eggs and then coat with flour mix.

·        In a frying pan on medium heat, just brown your chicken drumsticks before placing on a tray and baking in 175°C oven for 45 minutes. 

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