Monday, 11 August 2014


I made a couple of sauces this evening to bring to friends tomorrow.  Great on a board with some crackers, tapas and a glass of chilled white wine – Pesto, olive tapenade and hummus.
Once you have all the ingredients ready, it takes no time at all to whizz these babies up!
I had fresh basil from my herb garden, pine nuts in the press and Parmesan in the fridge.  I always keep a jar or two of olives in the press and also a tin or two of chick peas.  And……there’s always garlic and olive oil in our house!!
There are a lot of variations to these.  Here’s how I do mine.  Obviously you can amend yours to your own taste:

1.      To your blender add 1 garlic clove, pinch of salt, crushed black pepper and 4 handfuls fresh basil leaves.
2.      Lightly toast 1 handful of pine nuts.  Add these to the blender.
3.      Also add handful of Parmesan and blend again.
4.      On low speed, add in olive oil – enough to bind the sauce and get an oozy consistency.   Add a squeeze of lemon and mix.
5.      Season again and test taste to see if you need anymore ingredients.

(I don’t add anchovies to it as I’m not the biggest fan of them and I don’t add capers because….well really, I don’t ever happen to have them in the press!)
1.      Add a couple of handfuls of green olives and 1 garlic clove to the blender and mix.
2.      Add salt, pepper and thyme.  On low speed add olive oil and mix to a consistency your happy with.
3.      Again taste test.

I posted the recipe a while ago but for those who missed it here it is again.  I had not tahini this time so I had to leave it out.
1.      Combine the juice from 1 lemon, 2 tblsp olive oil, 1 large garlic clove, ½ tsp ground cumin and ½ tsp salt (more if needed) and process it.
2.      Using a can of (423g) chickpeas, drain them and rinse well.  Add chickpeas and process.  Make sure to scrape the sides down and mix again.
3.      Taste test as usual for more ingredients if needed.
4.      Pour hummus into bowl or container and drizzle olive oil over.

They taste great.  Can’t wait to have them tomorrow when I visit my friends for a catch up.  Hope they like them too!

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